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Dear Patient,

Compassion and empathy are what patients need first, and a doctor should demonstrate them. The patient needs to feel that he/she has been listened to and understood by giving them the necessary time and focus to reach a proper diagnosis and management of their health problems.

Every patient is, above all, a different “person,” so I do my best to provide personalized and person-centered care. I consider patient education essential for a better understanding of the medical condition, better compliance to the management plan, and most importantly, to remove any anxiety normally generated by the fear of being sick and, more so… ”My brain,” “My nerves”!

As much as possible, I engage the patient and his/her family in a shared decision approach, the patient has “their word” to say how his condition would be managed.

I had the privilege to learn from and work with great mentors in France and Spain, from which I have learned the “passion and art” of neurology and neurophysiology. In our times, communication is key, and it is more so in communicating with patients who might have difficulties expressing their complaints and fears. Besides Arabic, I do fluently speak Spanish, French, and English.

I always “do my best to provide the best” care possible to improve my patient’s quality of life as well as their families.

About Me- Neurologist Dubai

best neurologist dubai | Dr Iyad Khoudeir

I was born and raised in the unique city of Aleppo, Syria.

I received my medical degree from the University of Cluj, Romania. I completed my Neurology qualification from Bordeaux University, France, in 1991, followed by University Diplomas in Clinical Neurophysiology in 1992 from the University of Paris and in Sleep disorders in 1993 from the University of Bordeaux.

My passion for Neurophysiology pushed me towards more, so I obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Neurophysiology from the University of Barcelona in 2011.

More than 25 years of experience in clinical practice gave me the necessary expertise to give my patients the best of myself. I have a long experience in the Gulf countries, KSA and UAE.

In Riyad, I had the clinical experience of a tertiary reference, a very busy hospital, the “Riyadh Medical Complex,” high-quality Neurophysiology in the King Faisal Hospital, and a very valuable experience in private practice in Kingdom Hospital.
Here in UAE, I have worked in Tawam hospital, a tertiary care and teaching hospital in Al Ain -UAE, from 2006 until 2012, then in Alnoor Hospital in Abu Dhabi until December 2015.

Mediclinic, where I do practice now, gives me all that I need, from a professional environment to high-quality services, to be able to offer my patients the best of myself.

Clinical neurophysiology is a passion and my “hobby.” Nothing like “feeling and surfing the waves” of the nervous system.

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