When to See a Neurologist - Neurology Doctor in Dubai

Neurology Doctor in Dubai | Dr Iyad Khoudeir

A neurologist is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord as well as peripheral nerves and muscles. A neurologist can also be qualified to do procedures that test the function of the brain, nerves and muscles such as EEG, NCS, EMG and evoked potentials. Also, a neurologist can have a special interest or focuses on a specific neurologic condition.

Myself I am mostly interested in epilepsy, headaches, migraine and in clinical neurophysiology; EEG, NCS & EMG and Evoked Potentials. Neurology is often confused or assimilated with psychiatry which deal with disorders of the mental health such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia. A neurosurgeon takes care of surgical conditions that affect the nervous system such as brain tumour, surgery for a disc herniation when indicated or a nerve release in case of a nerve entrapment. Generally, a patient can be seen by a neurologist first then referred to a neurosurgeon if his/her condition requires a surgical opinion and management.

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